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The base is metallic and mounts inside the distributor and I assume is as you suggest the electrical common point. I ordered it from an online vendor. It's a ML-161 which came up as the proper model for my distributor, but further research on the Pertronix site shows that they also make this model in a positive ground version. So my solution will be to return it and get the positive ground version.

Thanks everyone for all the help and advice!


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It all depends on the detailed design of the Pertronix module. If the module mounting surface is metallic for heat sinking and if this surface is also the electrical common point of the module and if this surface is connected to the chassis of the car when installed, you cannot simply reverse the voltage input wires to the module.

Which Pertronix module do you have?

Pertronix Ignitor (http://www.pertronix.com/prod/ig/ignitor/default.aspx) says they have positive ground kits available. This means either the electrical components in the Ignitor are not connected to the mounting hardware or the mounting hardware can be isolated from the chassis of the car without detriment with the positive ground kit.

Ignitor II and Ignitor III have polarity reversal protection built in. So those can't be used.

Tell Pertronix what you have and what you want. Sounds like the standard Ignitor with the Positive Ground Kit should do the job.

Let us know what you find out.


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I need some help from the electrical gurus out there. I just bought a petronix ignition module to replace the points in my AC Bristol. It never dawned on me when I ordered it that like most British cars of the day it is a positive ground system. So the question is how do I hook this thing up? Do I just reverse the wires on the coil (red wire to - black wire to +)?  or install as per the instructions? Or throw in the towel and stick to the points?



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