[DeTomaso] The Banzai Runner lives!

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I've been using an oil analysis service from Blackstone Labs:

The kits are free, you only pay for the analysis when it's done.  I'm very impressed with their service.

If you go this route I would highly recommend using a vacuum pump like what they sell.  It's so much easier to get a sample through the dipstick tube if you don't plan on changing the oil right away.


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Latest update:
I changed the oil last night and took the oil filter down to the machine shop today. We cut it open and inspected it for any metal content - the verdict is "excellent!"  The oil and filter are clean!  I did this for peace of mind, as well as hoping to catch any potential problems early if anything was going wrong inside the engine.  Now I just need to drive it like I stole it!

If you weren't able to view the video on FB, I've posted it to YouTube as well:


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After being off the road for 5 years, the Banzai Runner lives again!

Still have a bunch of details to finish up...
 - Interior trim details on the reduced firewall bulkhead modification
 - Install the deck lid shocks
 - Install new Koni shocks
 - Install new 7/8" rear sway bar
 - Finish MSD cut-to-length wire set
 - etc.

...but I'm driving again!

Special thanks to the PCNC crew for helping with the engine install, and especially to Bob Benson who loaned me his brand-new-in-the-box engine stand - he probably never expected that he wouldn't see it again for 5 years, and Rich Boschert who gave up his plans last night to help me identify a couple of "extra" wires in my harness, adjust the carb, and re-set valve lash on a wayward roller rocker (and double check that all the rest were sufficiently torqued)!

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