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Nice looking unit, how much was it and what is the min. height for it to
work properly.


Michael Shortt

On Wed, Sep 4, 2013 at 12:18 PM, Stephen Nelson <steve at snclocks.com> wrote:

> When we bought 5332 my wife agreed it was time to do something about
> fitting
> all the cars in the garage.  The perfect reason to finally get a lift -
> improve parking space and, well, make it so much easier to fix things on
> cars.  I decided to go with a single-post lift from Gemini after reading
> comments from various folks on this forum.  And am very pleased with the
> lift now that it is installed.  It truly maximizes available floor space.
> And, while a bit daunting at first, it was not that bad to put all the
> pieces together, even though several were very heavy.  In fact, with the
> aid
> of an engine hoist, a bottle jack, a floor jack and several 4 wheel
> dollies,
> I was able to assemble it by myself in perhaps 20 hours.
> Check out the photo's here:  The
> <
> http://www.snclocks.com/TheRestofourWorld/Autos/The-New-Lift/31657461_788J5
> p#!i=2743862753&k=Qn7K2VS>  New Lift
> Next step is to pull the engine and figure out why it smokes on start-up.
> Consensus locally is that the guy who put in the cam didn't make provisions
> in the head for the increased lift and likely trashed the valve-stem seals.
> More anon.
> Stephen Nelson
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