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Sean Korb spkorb at gmail.com
Tue Sep 3 20:59:52 EDT 2013

Absolutely!  I hatez hackurz!   Thank you guys so much for keeping this
list going and preserving our past.

On Tue, Sep 3, 2013 at 8:55 PM, Forest Goodhart <forestg at att.net> wrote:

> Thank goodness we have guys like you to keep us going.
> All your hard work is greatly appreciated.
> Forest
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> To All DeTomaso email subscribers,
>        The POCA website has undergone a major hacking that started in
> January. We were unaware of the severity until Google issued a  block and
> posted a list of reasons it was blocked. I immediately shut the site down
> when I was informed by a concerned POCA member as to the Google posting. I
> shut the site down and called the host server  and updated our SSL
> certificate and reviewed what Google had posted. The realization that it
> was really bad is an understatement.
>        I called the two POCA members Asa Jay Laughten and Mark McWhinney
> that had managed the site in the past and updated them on the severity of
> the hack. These two guys jumped in and started working as team to try and
> save as much information as possible from the website. I can't begin to
> tell you how awesome these guys were at bantering ideas back and forth to
> come up with solutions. The end result is the pictures and much data have
> been rescued. The email server has been restored  and updated to a much
> newer version....( You are receiving this thanks to 3 days of endless
> keyboarding)...and the basic web page has been updated to the newest
> version that will do much more than in the past when things get installed
> and initiated. These  two guys gave up their long weekend to preserve the
> site and I know we're mentally exhausted last night when they stopped.
>      I hope that everyone floods their email with thanks for what they
> gave up to save the POCA information and get the servers up and running
> with new and improved everything.
>    Cudos to you guys.......
> Gerry in Illinois
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