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Asa Jay Laughton asajay at asajay.com
Tue Sep 3 20:26:55 EDT 2013

Although we attempted to update the Mailman list software to the  
latest release version, unknown difficulties forced us back to version  
2.1.9, the same as it was before.  However, it's a fresh install which  
I hope will alleviate some of the problems some members were having  
with duplicate email messages.  If not, please let us know.

I may make another attempt to update the underlying Mailman software,  
-or- we may move to a newer mass-emailing system built into the new  
CMS we are building.  Final designs are not etched in stone.

Either way, we'll continue to preserve the old archives.

Thank you for your patience as we work through these things.
Asa Jay

Asa Jay Laughton - sent from somewhere other than home

Quoting GR2835 at comcast.net:

> To All DeTomaso email subscribers,
>        The POCA website has undergone a major hacking that started  
> in January. We were unaware of the severity until Google issued a   
> block and  posted a list of reasons it was blocked. I immediately  
> shut the site down when I was informed by a concerned POCA member as  
> to the Google posting. I shut the site down and called the host  
> server  and updated our SSL certificate and reviewed what Google had  
> posted. The realization that it was really bad is an understatement.
>        I called the two POCA members Asa Jay Laughten and Mark  
> McWhinney  that had managed the site in the past and updated them on  
> the severity of the hack. These two guys jumped in and started  
> working as team to try and save as much information as possible from  
> the website. I can't begin to tell you how awesome these guys were  
> at bantering ideas back and forth to come up with solutions. The end  
> result is the pictures and much data have been rescued. The email  
> server has been restored  and updated to a much newer version....(  
> You are receiving this thanks to 3 days of endless  
> keyboarding)...and the basic web page has been updated to the newest  
> version that will do much more than in the past when things get  
> installed and initiated. These  two guys gave up their long weekend  
> to preserve the site and I know we're mentally exhausted last night  
> when they stopped.
>      I hope that everyone floods their email with thanks for what  
> they gave up to save the POCA information and get the servers up and  
> running with new and improved everything.
>    Cudos to you guys.......
> Gerry in Illinois
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