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I think your -best- stories are all those that happened with Steve,
- this one
- the one where the steering wheel came off in your hand
- the one where you shot him and he ended up in the hospital

are there more?

Asa Jay
:)  you just -know- people are going to ask about that last one.

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On 6/10/2012 7:06 PM, MikeLDrew at aol.com wrote:
> Hi guys,
> I was doing a homework assignment, leafing through back issues of the PCNC
> newsletter that I've been creating each month since 1991, when I stumbled
> across a short article I wrote regarding a day spent with Steve Mooney, who
> was/is a San Francisco police officer.   I had completely forgotten about the
> first (and by far the most interesting) part of this episode, and when I
> re-read the story I knew it needed to be shared here.
> This took place in November of 1997....
> Mike
> ====
> Pantera Lust
> By Mike Drew
> It started out as just another ordinary assignment for POCA.   I was to
> meet up with the owner of a particularly noteworthy De Tomaso, and arrange for
> a photo shoot in order to create a feature article for PROFILES, the POCA
> quarterly magazine.   Long ago I had decided that when Steve Mooney’s GT5
> Pantera was complete, it would be featured in the magazine, so upon hearing that
> it was up and running, I made arrangements to meet him and drive to a
> scenic spot, camera in hand.
> Steve is a longtime resident of the East Bay, and said he knew some
> terrific back roads in the Oakland hills.   After a bit of freeway droning, we
> found ourselves on a twisty mountain road with a 35 mph speed limit.   Steve was
> ‘exercising’ the car a bit, but not more than about 15 mph over the limit.
>    We came hustling around a corner, when we met a police car coming the
> other way.   Steve glanced in the mirror and said, “Uh-oh, he’s turning
> around.   I’m not going to make him work for it, I’ll pull over at the next
> opportunity.”
> Around the next bend we discovered a very large pull-off area, and Steve
> quickly pulled off the road and drove towards the far end.   We happened to
> notice there was an old El Camino parked at the near end of this pullout, but
> didn’t take any notice of it.
> What we didn’t know at the time was that inside this El Camino were two
> teenagers.   And it happened that these teenagers were both *completely naked!*
>    Furthermore, these teenagers were doing what all teenagers do when they’
> re stark naked in an automobile in a secluded spot.
> The thing is, when the Pantera went rumbling past and came to stop some 75
> feet in front of them, the guy stopped!   He looked out the windshield and
> said, “Hey, what kind of car is that?”   To which his girlfriend undoubtedly
> replied, “Huh?”   “Check it out, it’s a bitchin’ lookin’ car, maybe a
> Lamborghini or somethin’!”   So the guy was looking at the Pantera, while his
> frustrated girlfriend was scowling at him, and thus neither of them noticed
> the police car that silently glided to a halt behind them.
> The officer started walking up the road, and as he passed the El Camino his
> keen powers of observation led him to a startling conclusion.   “Hey!
> These people are completely naked!”    With instincts honed by over 20 years of
> law enforcement experience, he concluded, “This bears further investigation!
> He had his ticket book and pen in his hand, so he reached out and tapped on
> the window with the end of his pen.
> Reaction inside the car was immediate.   The guy looked over and saw a
> police officer standing alongside of him.   He immediately knew he was in
> trouble, because he had been Doing Something Wrong.   However, perhaps because
> seeing the Pantera had thrilled him to the point of distraction, or perhaps
> because most of his blood was currently located in an organ other than his
> brain, the guy apparently forgot that he was naked!
> He casually rolled down the window, and in his best singsong “Who, me?”
> voice, calmly said, “Why, what seems to be the problem officer?”
> His girlfriend, in the meantime, was having an apoplectic fit, frantically
> trying to conceal her obvious nudity, and began tapping her guy on the arm
> to get him to follow suit.   He was initially irritated at her incessant
> interruptions, saying, “Honey, I’m talking to the officer here!”   He finally
> glanced over at her, then noticed her state of undress.   He then glanced
> down and saw his similar state, and the realization suddenly hit!   DOOP!
> The officer retreated to a discreet distance to allow them time to get
> dressed again, and while there, Steve went over and introduced himself, and
> issued the Secret Handshake which indicated he was a member of the brotherhood
> of officers.   All talk of Steve’s ticket was immediately dismissed.
> However, we stuck around chuckling while the teenagers were issued a
> citation for indecent exposure, etc. and after they left, as a second officer had
> arrived (this one on a motorcycle) we staged a nice photo shoot of Steve
> supposedly receiving a ticket from these two.   It’s a perfectly classic setup,
> and the resultant photos turned out great!   Look for them in the next
> issue.
> The lesson from all this is, if you should happen to find yourself being
> pulled over, do whatever you can to stop near people who are doing something
> worse (or at least more interesting) than you were!
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