[DeTomaso] AC Compressor Source

Larry Finch fresnofinches at aol.com
Wed Mar 16 14:25:49 EDT 2011


 Only issue with the 8390 that John referenced and I now have on 2511  is that it is a flare port head.

Thus John's mention of the adapters.

Also, the 8390 has charging ports on the head. If you go to 134a, you will have to install inline charging ports, although your new drier may have one side covered with a built-in port. 134a heads do not come with charging ports like the R12 heads did. But you should be making all new lines, so adding the ports shouldn't be an issue.

The SD7H15 likely is a bit larger. Has anyone installed one of those in a Pantera yet?

There is this universal 508 replacement that these folks in AZ have used for years with good results. Vertical port head, o-ring


Ready to give up on this yet?  ;-)


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