[DeTomaso] Radiator Install Progress

Ken Green kenn_green at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 15 21:03:35 EDT 2011

    I think that it's hard to define what a stock radiator is after all these years, although some like Jack probably know.  It appears that your old radiator has been leaned forward, has sucker fans on the back face, and maybe a non-operating AC condenser on its front face, none of which is stock.  I'm not sure any radiator you buy will be a bolt in replacement for what you have.
    The Superior radiator looks a lot like a Fluidyne Pantera radiator, but with 90s on the inlet and outlet.  It's possible that you'd face the same issues if you bought a new Fluidyne radiator.

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Photos Here

Superior Radiator is not a direct replacement for what I have,
So before I blast the new radiator, y'all look at the photos for me

what I have is not what I thought I had and another surprise as well.

I think I have a 5 core Hall Radiator, very, very thick.

In front of that is another cooler of some type.

My oil cooler resides in the right rear wheelwell,

My A/C Condensor is in the back where it should be.

Please chime in.

I'm done for tonight, leaning towards returning or selling the new radiator
and having this one repair ( this all started over a slight drip in the
garage floor ).



Michael L. Shortt
Savannah, Georgia
michael at michaelshortt.com

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