[DeTomaso] Need help with POCA Club store in Reno

Asa Jay Laughton asajay at asajay.com
Sat Mar 5 23:01:57 EST 2011

For those planning to attend the POCA Fun Rally in Reno this year (2011):

- POCA Needs artwork for the 40th anniversary t-shirt (or other shirts)
- POCA Needs people to work the club store during the event.

Shelley and I have been taking care of the POCA Club Store for over 10 
years, with only two brief interruptions.  We've enjoyed heading to the 
Fun Rally every year to see fellow Pantera owners, make new friends, see 
old friends and help keep the club going.  We really liked moving to 
Reno since it didn't seem so rushed and glitzy as Las Vegas -and- we the 
good fortune of having family living in the area.

Unfortunately, Shelley and I won't be able to make it to Reno this 
year.  Therefore, we need a couple of folks to step up and run the show 
for POCA in our absence.  Running the store is a rewarding experience 
that puts you in front of so many Pantera owners.  You seemingly get to 
know everyone since they pretty much pass by you at least once during 
the event and in most cases, they'll come by again and again and again.  
Shooting the breeze at the POCA Store tables is as much a pastime as 
actually selling anything.

To run the store in Reno, you need to be available early the first day 
of the event, Wednesday to set up.  The tables will already be there.  
You just have to unpack boxes, set things out, price things and get 
ready to take in the money.  Last year we modified the store hours to 
take advantage of other events.  This means you'd be open briefly in the 
early part of the day and again in the late hours when most folks are 
coming back the hospitality suite.  The actual hours will be published 
in the event agenda.

Then, everything needs to be packed up again and out by Noon on Sunday.  
Many of you have seen us open up right after the banquet.  This provides 
a great opportunity for last minute sales, and helps reduce the 
inventory that get's packed.

If you would like to take your turn running the POCA Club Store during 
the Reno event, please contact myself and John Taphorn.  It's a team 
effort and it's all volunteer.  I'm sure John can give you more details 
about the event if you contact him.  I can give you more information 
about running the store if you need it.

This being the 40th anniversary of the Pantera, we feel it would be 
great to have special artwork for this years Fun Rally.  I'm not an 
artist, so that means we need someone else to step up to the plate and 
present us with Artwork.  Note that this can be just about anything as 
long as it's in good taste, features the Pantera, and may include the 
Fun Rally, the anniversary year, Reno and maybe anything else you think up.

All designs should be submitted to the Fun Rally committee for 
consideration.  Your submission should be in by April 30 so shirts can 
be ordered and ready by the June event.

Have an idea?  Let's see it.

Thank you everyone,
Asa Jay

PS.  If anyone has an interest in running the club store all year long 
(i.e. taking it -all- over), please contact me directly.

Asa Jay Laughton, MSgt, USAFR, Retired
&  Shelley Marie
Spokane, WA

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