[DeTomaso] De Tomaso press release announces new Pantera!

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Thu Mar 3 06:53:09 EST 2011

Tom Tjaarda spoke with me back in April about his Italian workers dissecting a Ford Expedition so to study Ford's assembly ways and to see about engine and computer space needs. Then a month later Tom stated how difficult Ford had become with their engines packages and that he could see a big problem starting soon this past summer.
Jeff Cobb
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> The big question on my mind is will the Pantera (or new Deauville for 
> that matter) be made available in the US? 
..... and the second big question is, will Ford power be involved? Somehow, 
GM or Chrysler power just don't get it... 
Nevertheless, I'm impressed that Rossignolo has gotten as far along as he 
has with a rather risky venture in this financial climate, to the contrary of 
world press naysayers. Kind of reminds me of A. DeTomaso and his adventures 
with producing the Maserati Biturbo. Same 'never-happen' world press.... 
except it did. 
FWIW- J Deryke 

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