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In an effort to enhance donations to the Fun Rally raffle and broaden
exposure of POCA to the automotive supply community, Coz and I are working
to establish sponsorship with what we're calling "second tier" vendors.
These would be the non-DeTomaso/Pantera specific vendors that we all use to
keep our Panteras, and all of our other hobby cars, on the road and looking
sharp.  We'll be setting up a section in the POCA website specifically to
let these vendors know who we are and what we're about, and we could use
your help.

We've started a list of these "second tier" providers, but we want to know
who else you use.  These should be companies with national or at least
regional exposure.  At first cut, we've come up with:

*	Jegs
*	Summit 
*	NAPA Auto Parts
*	Autozone
*	Ford Motor Sports
*	McGuire's
*	Griot's
*	Hagerty Insurance
*	AmsOil
*	Mobil 1
*	Redline
*	Harbor Freight Tools
*	Discount Tires
*	The Tire Rack
*	Willwood (brakes)
*	Porterfield (brake pads)

Let us know who else we can add to the list.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Mike Thomas
VP, Panteras Northwest
Yellow '74 #6328


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