[DeTomaso] Auction results

Thomas Tornblom Thomas.Tornblom at hax.se
Mon Jan 31 10:48:41 EST 2011

My vote goes to a windsor style block with cleveland heads.

The rear of the block doesn't look right for a cleveland block, even if 
you ignore the intake.

Here are some photos of a 351W block for comparison:



2011-01-31 16:43, Sean Korb skrev:
> The oil sender might be deleted at the back deck with a plug in its
> place.  There is a oil port near the front of the block that could be
> used for another sender.
> sean
> On Mon, Jan 31, 2011 at 10:34 AM, doug351c<doug351c at gmail.com>  wrote:
>> Actually I think you're both part right.
>> Those are definitely 351C style heads but without the rear oil sender it has
>> to be either a 351W or an SVO block which is a Windsor-Cleveland hybrid that
>> uses a 351C crank but with a 351W oiling system, oil pan and front aluminum
>> cover.  This engine appears to have the 0.3" shorter deck height of a 351C
>> so I'm betting it's an SVO block that's been decked to the 351C height and
>> thus is using a 351C type intake.  That's why the intake's covering of the
>> block's rear valley rail doesn't quite match up (see how it hangs over the
>> rail?).  This is because the SVO uses the rail of the 351W which is a
>> reverse "S" of the 351C.  This means they had to add (heliarc) material to
>> the front and rear of the intake to get it to seal.
>> Doug Braun
>> blue 73L 35505
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>> That's definitely a 351C, with an Edelbrock Torker manifold....
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>> Mike, are you referring to the auction car, red in color, with the Ford blue
>> engine block and heads?
>>   If that is a Cleveland - link to the photo here:
>> http://tinyurl.com/auction-Torker
>> Then where is the oil sender boss at the rear of the block?
>> The intake is for a Windsor.
>> Edelbrock Torker photos here:
>> http://www.poca.com/index.php/gallery/?g2_itemId=28719
>> Larry - not an engine geek, but I know when something doesn't jive
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