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 I had this same problem for about 15 years.   I typically left my key in the car to avoid any problems with reinserting the key (obviously I didn't park and leave the car much).   I finally decided to try and fix the problem and went to a locksmith, thinking there was something wrong with my key.   They said my key was OK and sprayed some lubricant into the lock cylinder and instantly solved the problem.   Unfortunately I can't remember the name of the lubricant but if you search the archives I identified it in a post about a year ago.

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Hi guys, I am having a little problem with my key.  At times the key won't go 

all the way in so that you can turn it.  The trim ring seems to get stuck in and 

I have to get a little screw driver and force it to pop out so that the key can 

go all the way in to start the car.  Has anyone else had this problem and what 

should I do about it.  Can I get a whole new locking and key system or just 

spray it with some kind of oil?  I am affraid to drive somewhere and take the 

key out or I may not be able to get home.  Embarrassing when driving such a nice 

car! HELP!  Sue


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