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Erik Anderson eanderson at geotracinternational.com
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I recently drove a Murciélago at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway and I can tell you - objectively - that it was nowhere near the same thrill that I get in my Pantera.  Granted, I don't think they had the car tuned properly (and the "instructor" kept yap-yap-yapping) ... but still: I wouldn't trade the torque and instant power from our cars for the posted 650 horses powering the Murci.

Here's a link to my sesh in the Lambo.  You are correct about the nice sound of the V-12 as 8,000 rpm's approach!



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We may all love out Panteras, but there is nothing like the sound of a V-12.
This is my favorite Lamborghini video.  10 minutes from the front seat of an
LP-640 roadster as some dozen or so Diablos, Giardos and Mercis make their
way from Orange County, CA to the Hotel Bel Air.  The visuals and suond are
great, nobody get insanely stupid in traffic, and nobody is yacking in your
ear.  Put it on full screen, turn up the sound and enjoy.  This must have
been quite a sight to the follks they were passing on the freeway.


Have a great Sunday

Mike Thomas
Panteras Northwest


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