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Truly the Microsoft of the food industry...


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 Now that we have morphed to Monsanto........what a dick of a company THEY

Google the Canadian farmer that lost in court to them over his 'use' of
Monsanto's Round-up resistant flax seed.

Now flax is a very small seed, prone to falling off trucks on the way to
mills. So this farmer, NOT wanting to use their seed for his crop as it
cannot be exported to Europe, winds up with volunteer Monsanto plants in his
flax field. Which in turn wind up in his harvest. Monsanto somehow gets wind
of this, sues his ass for using their seed without buying it.....

Now the whole Canadian flax industry is contaminated and the Europe market
is lost to Canadian farmers.

Amazing, but true.

Don't be surprised if you really get worked up once your Google results
start to feed you to other instances of that company's greed and legalese.




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