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But Dave does make a good point for those who want to continue to use their
0-230F Veglia gauges.  I really like the idea of keeping things appearing as
original as possible while also making them more functional (i.e. accurate
in this case).  All we need is a part number and source for the Veglia
Do you have a part number for it Dave?

Doug Braun
blue 73L #5505

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> ...It also uses an Italian water temp sending unit, presumably made by
> Veglia and presumably a perfect match with the Pantera's water temp gauge.
> Has anyone ever adapted one of these units to their Pantera? It appears
> that would be needed is a 16mm x 1.5 to 5/8" NPT adapter and a different
> wiring connector....
One of the first things Ford did when they got control of DeTomaso and the
Pantera project, was to 'rationalize' its production. An engineer was
assigned to analyze every part and substitute Ford- or U.S-supplier (read,
"cheaper")- parts as much as possible. This is standard procedure in any
where one factory designs something, builds a few prototypes, then a bigger
company buys them out.
Thats why the halfshaft bolts and nuts were changed to U.S. SAE as well as
the sender- and likely a few other things that don't come to mind right now.
Needing thread and electrical adapters to fit the Veglia sender to Ford
blocks likely made this one simple to decide. There were at least 3 Ford
for the sender mismatch but none cost them more than a couple of pennies. I
suspect Veglia was browbeaten into redesigning their gauge for a more
rational 0-260F range as well as a better match to the Ford sender. I found
0-260 gauge needed nothing for a correct reading in our Pantera.
On the same subject, Ford was seriously investigating the use of a cheaper
Pantera ZF transaxle with only 4 speeds, another one with no LSD and a 3rd
with C-6 guts to make a 3-speed automatic. The ZF was the single most
expensive part of the Pantera- and that hasn't changed to this day. Details
in your
Feb newsletter- now in the mail. My best guess- J DeRyke

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