[DeTomaso] The joys of being Drewsastered

LaurieFerrari at aol.com LaurieFerrari at aol.com
Thu Jan 20 03:15:30 EST 2011

What Mike didn't tell you is that he scared the heebee geebees out of  me, 
thinking that my Gotti wheel might have failed.  And it hasn't  been years 
since I've checked...ahhh, maybe just one year : )   End result, tire was 
fine once revived, wheel also fine. Tires are now  full of air and I'm ready to 
go on another adventure.  Let's see  what can happen next time.  Oh by the 
way, Mikey didn't tell you how  beautifully it drove though (the Pantera I 
mean, we all know the Vette,  which is curse proof, drove fine). 
Tell them about my Webers.
Cute story though... and valuable lesson learned. Thanks for a fun  time!  
It takes a visit from Mikey to inspire me to get that Pantera out  and 
reconfirm how truly beautiful it is.  All's well that ends  well.  

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