[DeTomaso] POCA Forum

Tom Borcich tborcich at msn.com
Wed Jan 19 01:01:20 EST 2011

I use both the POCA List and the PI forum. Biggest difference is the pictures. But both are great.
Not sure if Internet Explorer saves your log in information the way Firefox does (it asks), but I have 
both the PI and POCA forum icon saved to my tool bar on the Firefox browser. I don't have to sign in 
or remember a password, I just hit the icon link on the tool bar and it takes me right to the forum. 

Firefox is free....been using it for years.

Firefox use a lot less of your computer resources so it's light years faster than Internet Explorer on most computers.
According to many of the tech pros Firefox is less susceptible to virus because most people (80%+) use 
Internet Explorer, so the virus creators target the Internet Explorer user base.

Best Regards, Tom Borcich 

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