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JT, I paint cars everyday for my living. I use a Sata nr 3000 1.3 tip for silver and light metallic bases. I have a Sata rp 1.4 for my clear. Sata is a good unit as is the Iwata. You can do both base and clear with a 1.4 tip. I used a Sata jet 90 alone for years, both base, and clear with the 1.4 tip. LISTEN to this story... I mixed and sprayed Dupont Centari according to the mix instructions on the can. When I achieved a lot of orange peel, I called in the Dupount tech. He told me that the mixing ratio's were to keep the VOC down in the state of Ca. He reccomended that I use 50% more reducer. Problem solved. It is hard to paint in the confines of the engine bay anyway. Try thinning the product a bit more.  There are viscosoty test devices also, but I just look at the way the paint flows of the mixing stick.  Bill 1362

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>Several of us have been detailing Rob Pink's Pantera's rear engine bay.  It's been a long project; however, with several of us sanding and doing metal work, we have had a fun time tackling it.  We sprayed PPG Concept Acrylic Urethane on our nicely sanded Primer Filler 2K on Saturday and ended up with lots of orange peel.  I suspect a combination of temps slightly below the limits of the reducer, a Chinese HVLP knock off and any other number of elements which can influence such things contributed.  
>Anyway, we have got more sanding ahead of us and will endeavor to respray another top coat when the weather is warmer.  However, we have more paint projects on the horizon and would like to acquire a better HVLP gun.  Preferably suited for base and clear coats.  The idea of one gun for both and a change of tips is fine.  We'd probably continue with the Chinese knock-offs for primer filler.
>Anyone with real experience in these matters that has preference?  
>We are considering the SATAjet 3000 B, Iwata LPH 400LV, or DeVilbiss GFG-670
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