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Robert Douglas douglas at entropygroup.com
Mon Jan 17 13:22:55 EST 2011

I had been using the PI forum exclusively for years and joined this email
forum because Dave Adler wasn't sure how to get the word out that he was
looking for cars for his upcoming book. I signed up to post for him.

I have to say that using this email list has been a pleasant experience. I
use it as "flash cards". I go through the emails in batches and skim
everything. That way when my battery goes dead after a few days I will
either recall what to do, or I will at least remember the info is available
in the archives. I have learned so much just "flipping through" the emails
whenever I have a few minutes.

I have no problem using both this and the PI forum, but couldn't imagine
adding the POCA forum as well. Three Pantera sites is too much for me. They
would need to kill this email list for me to start checking in at the POCA

Just sharing my experience.


On 1/17/11 10:21 AM, "Asa Jay Laughton" <asajay at asajay.com> wrote:

> Yes, I've been a member of the PI forum since Dave Adler first started
> it years ago, as have others on this same email "list."
> Did -you- know that POCA already has a forum?  Yes, that's right, POCA
> has an online forum in no way remotely tied to -this- email list.  See
> it here:
> http://www.poca.com/index.php/forum
> ... and it has bee around for a few years ever since the POCA web site
> was restructured.  So I fail to see your point.
> Yes, the forum software used on the POCA site is "different" than what
> PI uses.  But you can still subscribe to forums, get emails about new
> postings -and- you can get an RSS feed.  POCA uses Fireboard because
> it's a seamlessly integrated forum to the Content Management System
> chosen to be the front end for the new POCA site.  If "subscribing" is
> that big a deal, just get the RSS Feed, which the POCA forum appears to
> have but I've not been able to find on the PI forum.  Could POCA use the
> same software PI does?  Certainly, it's not that big a deal.  People
> talk about getting into the 21st Century, how about an RSS Feed?  That's
> even more cutting edge than going out and browsing forums on a web
> page.  Have the posting headlines delivered right to your browser click
> on the ones you are interested in and it opens them up.
> ... and here is my basic pet peave (I don't intend on being politically
> correct about it either because I'm tired of the argument), why does
> this bitch come up every now and then?  If you like one over the other
> just go DO IT, quit your whining.  PI has a -beautiful- forum, why the
> hell should POCA try to re-invent it?  Just to put the name POCA on it?
> Why?  Get over it and just go use it if that's what you want (many here
> already do).  Quit bitching that this "email format list" is so archaic,
> in the dark ages, outdated, outmoded, etc.  If you don't like it, quit
> using it.  If you're afraid the knowledgeable masses you rely on here
> won't go, don't be so sure, many of them are -already- trolling the PI
> Forum.  Yea, that's right, many folks getting -this- very email are
> already members of the PI Forum and already use it.  It seems to me
> -some- people simply want someone -here- to put a nail in this coffin,
> pull the plug and FORCE everyone to a different paradigm.
> You know, if Larry Finch happens to make a great posting on the PI
> board, with photos and replicated web pages, and all that....  and
> people on this email list miss it, will the world end?  I don't think
> so. (no offense Larry)
> So, what's your point again?
> I'm sorry if this seems insensitive to some but it's like the argument
> that a Corvette drives so much better than a Pantera.  Well then, go and
> buy the f...... Corvette.
> Asa Jay
> Asa Jay Laughton, MSgt, USAFR, Retired
> &  Shelley Marie
> Spokane, WA
> ******************************
> http://www.racingagainstautism.com
> http://www.teampanteraracing.com
> On 1/17/2011 04:14, Mikael wrote:
>> Those that prefer the current receiving mails format, are you on the PI
>> Forum, have you experienced it? There you can set up so that you receive
>> a daily email in a nice format with all the forum sections you're
>> interested in (I've chosen All). You don't have to go into the forum at
>> all to see what happens. It's one mail instead of 30, it's good format,
>> it shows pictures and avatars, it let's you search old postings. It's
>> f...... perfect, and it would make me post more (whether that's
>> considered an advantage or not, I'll leave up to you :-))
>> POCA must have an IT wiz-kid. And should buy software that can do at
>> least what PI's can, it costs next to nothing.
>> Yes, old cars, but up to date tools to keep them running! Just my $0.02
>> Mikael
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