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. Jeez!





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all I see is "you must register first". :)


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You feel strange
 a little dizzy.  The world is spinning around in front of your eyes.

Your vision stops spinning you begin to focus on what is around you.  Something is weird.

Is it déjà vu?   No.  Some form of ESP?  Maybe.


You are in southern California, at a racetrack.  It is Ontario.  You somehow recognize it!

You see old cars as when they were new
 lots of pretty girls, but

everyone is wearing “retro” clothing
  even YOU. You feel young again.

Wow!  This feels weird.   

Here comes an adrenalin rush!  

Blood is rushing thru your ears with each heartbeat.

Back in time???          Really?           No Freakin’ Way!

You now smell gas, race gas, like it smelled when gas had power (and lead).

You smell tires, more like burned rubber

and real asbestos clutch discs and brake pads hot and steaming!

The ringing in your ears diminishes

You vision is clearing more now, but you hearing is still muffled.  You are wearing an old
open-face style helmet.

The sounds of lots of Ferraris and Panteras at full throttle mix together and come
crashing into your head, keeping you in vertigo.

Yes, the race track is active, and you are sitting in a car.   What car?  Who’s car?

This car feels familiar, but you can’t quite place it, yet you know it.

Somehow you know you are at a POCA/Ferrari club gig in 

late 1975 or early 1976.  YES - You HAVE been here before.

Could you be having a stroke ?   Is your life flashing before your eyes?

You test yourself by touching your fingers together.  Nope – your body functions, mostly.

As your vision clears, you can now see:


This is a test, if you can only identify the owner of this Pantera before you, your dream
will continue.



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