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Tue Jan 11 11:55:21 EST 2011

What about the wiper motors if it rains at night, radio?

Summit of course.

You could also look into having a local shop modify one for you.

Michael Shortt

On Tue, Jan 11, 2011 at 11:50 AM, robert stewart <rspink2012 at yahoo.com>wrote:

>  I am making some modifications to the air conditioning system. The
> condensor has been moved to the front of the rad. To increase the air flow I
> have added two sucker fans and two pusher fans. They are mounted and the do
> fit. A tight fit.
> The 4 fans draw 58 amps. I am estimating the blower motor at 5 amps, the
> lights at 16 amps and the ignition at say 2 amps. For about 81amps total
> while running the AC at night. I live in Houston so a pretty frequent event
> when summer evenings cool to 88 with 90% humidity.
> This all brings me to the need for a bigger alternator. Any suggestions for
> types of alternators and sources to get them?
> Thanks
> Rob
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