[DeTomaso] What a collection!

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My God, man!  Don't send stuff like this without pictures!  :-)

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Hi guys,

I recently became acquainted via e-mail with a fellow in Holland who has a 
'72 Euro GTS, and I've shipped some parts to him, along with some POCA 
magazines and join-the-club propaganda.

He put me in touch with one of HIS friends outside of Amsterdam, who has an 
extensive car collection apparently, including a dynamite De Tomaso 
collection.   He has:

Four-headlight Mangusta, yellow, in restoration
Pantera GT5 (black)
Pantera GT5-S Pavesi Targa (red)
Pantera GT5-S Pavesi Targa (white)
Pantera Si (I don't know the color)
Pantera Si Pavesi Targa (red)

All I can say is, "Wow!"

They only made 12 (or was it 14?) Targa Panteras, of which all but Roland's 
were GT5-S.   And they only made four Pantera Si Targas.

I say again:   "Wow!"


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