[DeTomaso] NPC - Europe's July/August holiday

Roland Jaeckel pantera874 at t-online.de
Sun Jan 9 16:58:59 EST 2011

This was the rule in the most mediterain states like France, Spain and 
Italy. It was never the rule in Germany.
Maybe, that it the reason, why we are so successful.
My workers get 24 days vacation plus 6 six plubic free days full paid per 
year. Paid public free days vary, because we only have to pay, if it is not 
on a saturday or sunday. It varies between north and south Germany. Also, if 
they are sick, they get full paid by me. I get a payback by the social 
Some times i don't like it, because i have to pay, but i also see the 
benefits we all have  from it.
No one over here has to steel or kill just for food and a warm place to 


From: "Larry Finch" <fresnofinches at aol.com>
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Subject: [DeTomaso] NPC - Europe's July/August holiday

> Charlie wrote -
> July/August in Europe is really magical - most countries basically shut 
> down
> and go on vacation!
> --------------
> Charlie, please explain something I've always wondered about.
> If everyone goes on holiday in July/August, who is left to take  care of 
> all the tourists, hotels, restaurants, etc?
> Larry
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