[DeTomaso] NPC Dual Brake Master Cylinders Question

Julian Kift julian_kift at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 5 21:18:39 EST 2011

Spot on! I looked at my worksheet and the predicted hydraulic pressure is 600 psi rear to 475 psi front...

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Date: Wed, 5 Jan 2011 20:13:06 -0500
Subject: Re: [DeTomaso] NPC Dual Brake Master Cylinders Question
To: julian_kift at hotmail.com; detomaso at realbig.com

In a message dated 1/5/11 16 55 38, julian_kift at hotmail.com writes:

After thinking about it I was going to put the brake light switch in the front circuit anyway as with the brake bias adjuster set correctly the fronts should see more pressure earlier.

Perhaps true in your case, but not necessarily true generally.  It can be a complex algorithm of different master cylinder bore diameters, and different numbers and sizes of brake caliper pistons, front and rear.  Depending on the components, it's quite possible for the rear circuit to have more line pressure with a given amount of pedal pressure, yet the front calipers are working harder.  Only when all front and rear components are the same, can it generally be assumed that the fronts will be set up to receive more pressure than the rears at a given moment.  

Your masters are the same, but what about your calipers?  If they're not the same, it could easily wind up that you have to have less pressure in the front system, even though that might allow the front wheels to lock up sooner.


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