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Don't forget the locking bolts...  http://www.summitracing.com/search/?keyword=header%20bolts&dds=1

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>Happy New Year to all!
>It is time for me to tackle a long overdue project on my “To Do” list. I am pulling off my Mind Train headers for ceramic coating. While they are off for refinishing I will be replacing the motor mount rubber (Thanks to Steve Wilkinson for the great Holiday special!)  Here are a few questions for those of you that have tackled this task in the past. Thanks in advance,
>Motor Mount bolts – I have read threads saying Grade 8 is too hard and won’t flex, to use Grade 5.  
>Header gaskets - Is copper the best for a good seal?  Found a set by “Flat-out “#7015C.015C# 75705CHeader bolts - Any recommendations? Found a set called “Ramp –Lok”   anyone ever use them?
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If you want it SLICK.. bring it to SLICKUM Paint Shop www.slickpaint.com

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