[DeTomaso] Fw: Pantera Damper and crank pulley

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Hi all,
I'm looking for an OEM accessory drive pulley ( that bolts to damper ) if any one has one for sale -- please contact me off forum. This would be after Ken gets what he needs. I don't mean to be crowding in, just would like one.
Bud #3400 (The 7 Banger) 
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From: Ken Green <kenn_green at yahoo.com>
Subject: [DeTomaso] Pantera Damper and crank pulley
To: detomaso at realbig.com
Date: Sunday, February 27, 2011, 7:38 PM

I'm getting ready to drop the engine and ZF back in and putting the crank pulley, AC, and alternator on the engine.  The engine had a generic alternator bracket (not a Pantera AC/alternator bracket) and no AC compressor.  I'm not sure if the crank pulley is the right one.  It won't fit a typical flat faced aftermarket damper because the mounting surface of the pulley is recessed inside the crank pulley.  It will bolt to an OEM damper, but not a flat faced after market damper.
Does anyone know if I have a Pantera crank pulley, or what the specs are for a Pantera crank pulley?  Is there a billet pulley that has the right dimensions?

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