[DeTomaso] Christchurch Pantera--minor casualty

MikeLDrew at aol.com MikeLDrew at aol.com
Sun Feb 27 01:13:22 EST 2011

Hi guys,

Long-time folks will remember Dave Waddingham, a Christchurch (New Zealand) 
Pantera owner who was a fixture at the POCA Fun Rally in the 1990s.   I was 
concerned with Christchurch got schwacked with that monster earthquake last 
weekend and contacted him.   He wrote:


It's nice to hear from you and your thoughts are appreciated. We are all 
feeling very lucky at the moment. Although New Zealand is on a fault line 
Christchurch has never been considered a quake zone. Most times quakes only 
happen in remote unpopulated areas so this one is has come as a bit of a shock. 
Mom and Dad have left town to visit relatives for a while. I was driving in 
town when the quake struck and thought I had a flat tyre at first. The van 
was diving all over the road. It was quite a handful. I didn't realize how 
bad the quake had been until I got back to work. Unfortunately my drill press 
fell and hit the Pantera's hood. Only miner damage which I can fix myself. 
I'm giving a lot more consideration to shelving and bolting equipment down. 
We've had 4,000 after shocks from the last quake in September 2010. I hope 
this is the last big one we have to deal with.


Sounds like it could have been much worse for him!   I'm glad he's okay...


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