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I've added pics of the red cat to the registry.




I'd like to hear from the current owner, and list lurker (???).





I'm intimately familiar with both of them.  They were both based in Sacramento.

BG PESO, the red car, was featured in the second POCA Profiles issue I produced, Fall 1995
issue, and was owned by Joe Lobue.  It was an absolute cream-puff, no-go showboat, loaded
with chrome and looking beautiful, but with a weak engine.  He didn't care.  Joe would
polish the hell out of it, drive it slowly to a car show, win first place and drive back

Joe is the only one in history to polish his ZF *in* the car!  He spent untold hours
crouched over it, polishing it slowly one section at a time, by hand!

His health started to fail, and he had the car converted to hand controls so he could
continue to drive it.  Eventually it became too much for him, and he sold it.  It is now
owned by a sometime-list-lurker in Norway (or is it Sweden?).

BIG PESO was Joe's other car; it is an early car that he had converted to GT5 spec.  He
sold it to John McNamee when he bought the red one, and John still owns it.  

It recently underwent a radical transformation; the GT5 kit was junked and steel Gr4
flares were welded on, a fixed-headlight conversion was made, and it was painted
Lamborghini orange.  It appears on the front page of the Capitol Panteras website:


Here's a couple of close-ups of the car:


It is shown in its earlier white configuration on the 'members cars' page:


The former Joe Lobue BG PESO is also shown there, in one of the most beautiful Pantera
photos I've ever seen....


The original photo was shot on a professional 3x4 negative, and is just stunning.  This
web shot is a very low-res, poor reproduction.  If you have the Fall '95 Profiles, check
out the centerfold to gain an appreciation for really great photography (by John Worseley,
Capitol Panteras red-headed-stepchild member since he owns a Bricklin and not a Pantera).


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