[DeTomaso] Safety Wire 101....

JDeRyke at aol.com JDeRyke at aol.com
Wed Feb 23 15:14:30 EST 2011

The string-a-strand-of-wire-thru-multiple-boltheads method is valid-
A- if they're very small bolts. Navy mil-specs for wiring multiple screws 
up to 10-32 size around a panel is done this way.
B- if you use heavier than the usual 0.032" stainless safety wire. I've 
seen ZFs wired with .060" thick wire and this thickness of wire just cannot be 
curled into a neat coil like the .032 stuff most of us use.

And as many have said, 'some wire done wrong is better than no wire at 
all'. But I do not recommend drilling stock hardened ZF ring gear bolts; they're 
too hard and brittle, and have serrations under the head that are designed 
to dig into a surface. The ring gear is too hard for the serrations to dig 
in, resiulting in low surface area for the holding torque. Spend your money 
on predrilled bolts.
My 2¢- J Deryke 

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