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Yes, you can use a speedbleeder in your clutch slave and it works well.  IIRC, 
it is the same size as needed for the stock brake calipers. I don't remember the 
size offhand, but I got some online and some at Pep Boys.

Jim Gray

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Hello Friends ,

I have had annoying air bubbles in my Clutch System. I believe that air is  
my main culprit for having a tough time for the car to go into reverse.My 
clutch  hydraulic system is still full of air I am sure. My question is if 
anyone has  ever used a speedbleeder on the slave unit. I think by  using a 
speedbleeder on the slave would allow me to bleed the system of air  bubbles 
by myself without the need of an assistant. 


Am I correct ?

What size Bleeder screw goes in the slave ?

Best Regards,
Robert Levitt
Gumball3000 #56
Team Pantera Racing #3196
The Long Island Pantera Club  

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