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Sun Feb 20 16:05:05 EST 2011

Mike wrote:

"Joe is the only one in history to polish his ZF *in* the car!   He spent
 untold hours crouched over it, polishing it slowly one section at a time, 

Actually, I also polished my ZF in the car. I do not recommend it, I would 
not do it again. I was younger with too much energy and I had never polished 
aluminum before. And yes it took an ungodly amount of hours!


> In a message dated 2/20/11 10 44 49, detomasoregistry at gmail.com writes:
>> One had a license/registration plate of BG PESO (Red)
>> while the other plate was BIG PESO (White)
>> Who knows either of these two cars?
> I'm intimately familiar with both of them.   They were both based in
> Sacramento.
> BG PESO, the red car, was featured in the second POCA Profiles issue I
> produced, Fall 1995 issue, and was owned by Joe Lobue.   It was an 
> absolute
> cream-puff, no-go showboat, loaded with chrome and looking beautiful, but 
> with a
> weak engine.   He didn't care.   Joe would polish the hell out of it, 
> drive
> it slowly to a car show, win first place and drive back home.
> His health started to fail, and he had the car converted to hand controls
> so he could continue to drive it.   Eventually it became too much for him,
> and he sold it.   It is now owned by a sometime-list-lurker in Norway (or 
> is
> it Sweden?).
> BIG PESO was Joe's other car; it is an early car that he had converted to
> GT5 spec.   He sold it to John McNamee when he bought the red one, and 
> John
> still owns it.
> It recently underwent a radical transformation; the GT5 kit was junked and
> steel Gr4 flares were welded on, a fixed-headlight conversion was made, 
> and
> it was painted Lamborghini orange.   It appears on the front page of the
> Capitol Panteras website:
> http://www.capitolpanteras.org/
> Here's a couple of close-ups of the car:
> http://www.capitolpanteras.org/photos/IMG_3765.JPG
> http://www.capitolpanteras.org/photos/IMG_3762.JPG
> It is shown in its earlier white configuration on the 'members cars' page:
> http://www.capitolpanteras.org/images/John_McNamees_White-Pantera2.jpg
> The former Joe Lobue BG PESO is also shown there, in one of the most
> beautiful Pantera photos I've ever seen....
> http://www.capitolpanteras.org/images/pantera-lobue.jpg
> The original photo was shot on a professional 3x4 negative, and is just
> stunning.   This web shot is a very low-res, poor reproduction.   If you 
> have
> the Fall '95 Profiles, check out the centerfold to gain an appreciation 
> for
> really great photography (by John Worseley, Capitol Panteras
> red-headed-stepchild member since he owns a Bricklin and not a Pantera).
> Mike
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