[DeTomaso] Update on the Spa Italia event

Charles McCall charlesmccall at gmail.com
Tue Feb 15 14:08:36 EST 2011

Hi all,


There has been a lot of e-mail traffic over the past few days, and I thought
I'd send out a general note to let everyone know that the Spa Italia event
is turning into quite the mega-meeting. 


For those sleeping in class again, a description of the weekend may be found
here: www.spaitalia.be <http://www.spaitalia.be/> . 


Together with Tomas Gunnarsson, we reserved a block of 42 rooms at the hotel
for the weekend, 15 minutes from the event and Spa track. All 42 rooms have
been assigned and I have 5 cars on a waiting list. (Note that the Swedes
have until roughly the end of February to sign up, and if they don't use
their allotment of rooms then we may be able to asign one or two to the
people on the waiting list). 


Through the grapevine I know of roughly 8 DeTomaso cars that have reserved
directly with the hotel. So we have 50 known DeTomasos in our hotel. 


The hotel has 100+ rooms, and is completely booked. It would be entirely
reasonable to assume that at least some of the other 50 reservations were
made by Detomaso owners. And this hotel is just one of several in the area,
so the potential number of cars in attendance is possibly the largest
concentration that this reporter has ever seen! 


The pre-Spa tour is roughly 2/3 full but could use some more participants
after some cancellations. There will be two Mangeese atending - one
completely stock and one as far from stock as could be. 


Information regarding the pre-Spa tour and the Spa Italia event may be found




See you in Belgium!


Charles McCall

1985 DeTomaso Pantera GT5-S #9375

"Raising Pantera Awareness Across Europe"



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