[DeTomaso] Perfect decklid shocks

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The action on the shocks look great, but, more importantly, why do you have
a roll of toilet paper jammed in the webbing of the decklid?!!  :-)


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Hi guys,

About 18 years ago, I replaced my decklid shocks with a set from Larry 
Stock (Pantera Parts Connection).   Most of the vendor shocks at the time
much too stiff; the ones from Hall Pantera were so stiff that they would 
actually warp the decklid!

With the passage of time, mine became a little bit feeble, such that the 
decklid wouldn't stay open by itself when the car or outside temperature was

cold.   When the engine was warm, they worked, but just barely.   So today I

installed a new set.   The weighting on them is just perfect, as can be seen



Notice that there is a two-stage action; as the struts approach full 
extension, the rate of movement decreases, so it doesn't slam open.

Cost on these things is $42 each, which is about half what the other 
vendors are charging for their shocks.

They are available for both early and late cars; the very early cars (flat 
decklid) use a much larger bolt than the '72 and later cars.   You just have

to specify which size you need.


Note that the actual purchase price of the shocks is pretty cheap; the $42 
expense comes from the purchase, machining and installation of the shock 
ends to make them perfect for the Pantera application.   Back in the early 
1990s I helped Larry assemble a whole batch of these things, and I'm here to

tell you, it was a major pain in the butt!   It took hours and hours...but I

did get a free set of shocks out of the deal.

Buying them this time was a far better deal. :>)


P.S.   My old shocks might work well for somebody who has a car with a 
carbon fiber decklid or fiberglass.   If you're interested, let me know!

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