[DeTomaso] filling engine compartment spot welds

Tony DiGiovanna tonydigi at optonline.net
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I filled mine 9 years ago.  I used one of the aluminum-filled body fillers
(can't recall brand.)  I've had no problems.  The key is to remove ALL of
the nasty black undercoat, as any residue risks poor bonding.  Also roughen
the spot weld areas with an angle grinder to give the filler a good surface
to adhere.
I do have a spot that cracked, but did so due to excessive heat from an old
muffler defect (even the paint is browned there.)
The only thing I would do different is to have seam welded everything in the
aft beforehand.
Also, I assume you're going to run all the wires and A/C hoses in the wheel
well and drill thru to the back so it's all hidden.

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I'm planning on pulling the engine and transaxle out of my white Pantera and
would like to smooth out and repaint the engine bay.  I did this on my red
Pantera.  In that case, the spot weld dimples were filled with body filler.
I've not had any problems with that car but it has maybe 7000 miles since
the engine compartment was painted.  I discussed the issue with a fellow
Pantera owner (MidEngineMike) who is a professional auto body man.  He
chose not to fill his spot welds but I prefer the smoother look.  Those of
that have filled them, what did you do and has it stood the test of time?
What would you do differently?  I will be welding on brackets for chassis
reinforcement, hiding the air conditioner lines and relocating the pressure
tank at the same time.  It will get a healthy stroker motor, too.

Dan Jones

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