[DeTomaso] filling engine compartment spot welds

Dave Londry davel at emspace.com
Thu Feb 10 16:58:15 EST 2011

Not on the Pantera, but on some Detroit-built cars, I've filled them 
with mild-steel weldmetal and ground them.
Takes a long time by comparison, so if bondo does the trick it'd be way, 
way quicker.

On 2/10/2011 1:12 PM, Daniel C Jones wrote:
> I'm planning on pulling the engine and transaxle out of my white Pantera and
> would like to smooth out and repaint the engine bay.  I did this on my red
> Pantera.  In that case, the spot weld dimples were filled with body filler.
> I've not had any problems with that car but it has maybe 7000 miles since
> the engine compartment was painted.  I discussed the issue with a fellow
> Pantera owner (MidEngineMike) who is a professional auto body man.  He
> chose not to fill his spot welds but I prefer the smoother look.  Those of you
> that have filled them, what did you do and has it stood the test of time?
> What would you do differently?  I will be welding on brackets for chassis
> reinforcement, hiding the air conditioner lines and relocating the pressure
> tank at the same time.  It will get a healthy stroker motor, too.
> Thanks,
> Dan Jones
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