[DeTomaso] insurance question

Larry Finch fresnofinches at aol.com
Wed Feb 9 12:28:57 EST 2011

 Boyd and all,

As Julian referenced, Lockton Affinity does offer track event insurance coverage.

PCNC was set up to offer their insurance at the 2009 Reno Speed Trials, and we are again in place for the same coverage for our 2011 Reno event.

This is NOT included in a regular driver registration and is NOT tied to PCNC in any way. We get no kick-backs nor discounts.

In reality, driving or trailering (NOTE: trailers are for race cars, not street Panteras) your car to Reno presents more
opportunity for vehicle damage than two days on the track.

But as there are likely no regular policies offering on-track coverage, for those that feel the need the option is available.

Pricing varies on value, venue and length of coverage. A quick-quote estimate showed $362 for covering a $55K car.

More info can be gathered by viewing the links on the PCNC site:


Larry Finch
PCNC Motorsports Director


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