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Like many on this list I have Hagerty Ins., and have been happy with there Service and the price seems fair. I know when I had a problem with my car back in May Hagerty stepped up to the plate without a problem! I'd say to give them a call, and call others! Make a list of questions you want to ask, that way you ask each Ins. Co. you call the same questions! Sometimes your location makes a difference from one Ins. Co. to another? Have your old Policy in hand so you can match apples to apples!  OH, and if you don't already have your car Insured for "AGREED VALUE" make that change! You may need to get the car appraised! But it will be worth it!  
Let us know how things work out.
Good Luck

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I just got my insurance renewal and the policy had a new addendum that
stated unequivocally that no track event OF ANY KIND would be covered
(including but not limited to driver training,events held in parking lots or
any event that could even remotely be construed as any type of driving event
other then a parade would not be covered. They even went as far to say if
your car were in any part of a race track (other then the parking lot you
were not  covered.
My insurance company is American Modern Home(the classic car division of
GEICO). Can anyone tell me if their  insurance companies (like Haggerty)
have the same kind of exclusions? My Policy renews on march 29 and I am
considering switching if I can find one with more agreeable terms. Aside
from this issue the policy seems pretty reasonable in both cost and

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