[DeTomaso] ZDDP?

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Look on the back of the bottle. You'll see a circle about a 1/2 inch in diameter with a bunch of lettering in it. In the top half of the circle it will probably say "API SERVICE CI-4/SL" or SM-- probably SL.  Legally has to be on the bottle somewhere.


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Yep, the 15W50 is one of the types I had, and 8 quarts of it are in the oil pan now. 
Also, the container does not mention SM (nor does it mention Zinc or ZDDP) but it does have a NASCAR logo on it, so I guess I'm good to go. 
PS: One of the articles I read today said below 20W the oil companies don't have to withold the "Z", because it won't fry a catalytic converter anyway. 
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> The 2009 chart says 1200 p 1300 zn, so that's fine. 
> But only 15W50 - no other Mobil1! 
> But only 15W50 - no other Mobil1! 
> But only 15W50 - no other Mobil1! 
> (sorry about the preemptive nagging) 
> dave 
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> On 2/5/2011 7:32 PM, Pantdino wrote: 
>> Dan, 
>> Look on the bottle and see what rating the Mobil One is. 
>> If its from 2 yrs ago its probably pre-SM rating and should have enough >> ZDDP as it is. 
>> Jim 
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>> Jimminy Cricket - isn't anything simple anymore with a Pantera? Not even >> an oil 
>> hange? 
>> he engine builder lubed the new cam with break in grease, and I ran >> Kendall 
>> 0/50 with ZDDP for the first 1,000 miles, and then again for the next >> 2,000 
>> iles. 
>> his time (at 3,000 miles) I'll probably use up some of the Mobil One I've >> been 
>> itting on. 
>> heir website shows a chart with the amounts of ZDDP, so assuming it >> hasn't 
>> hanged since I bought this oil (2 years ago) I'll use their chart to >> figure how 
>> uch ZDDP addtitive to add, without over-doing it. 
>> irst, I'll contact Mobil One and see if the formulation has changed since >> 2009. 
>> t's no wonder everyone is going to hydraulic roller cams. 
>> ere is a link to their table: >> http://www.mobiloil.com/USA-English/MotorOil/Files/Mobil_1_Product_Guide.pdf 
>> Dan 
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>> an, Summit sells both a 10W30 'break-in' oil from Comp Cams ($4.95/qt- 
>> CA-1590), or an additive from Comp Cams ($10.95/12 oz -CCA-159) or from 
>> rick-Flow ($9.95/12 oz -TFS-94000). There are some indications that TOO >> MUCH 
>> DDP in your oil is nearly as bad as not enough, so by using 5 qts of >> Comp's 
>> break-in' oil, you avoid the guessing, mixing and extra expense needed to >> get 
>> he current-good levels of about 1200 ppm with someone else's 5 qts of >> oil. Good 
>> uck this year- J DeRyke 
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