[DeTomaso] Get some Tail June 4th.

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Sun Feb 6 12:33:41 EST 2011

Would LOVE to attend but we've got the F1 race in Montreal the very next 

Thank you for posting this so we know though.


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Looks like we might have 5 so far to commit to an effort to attend a Pantera
gathering on the June 4th weekend.   Here's the preliminary plan.  Hotel
check in on Friday,  dinner on Friday night.  up early on Saturday for "The
Grand Tour" to the "Tail of the Dragon" and the Skyway, then after this 250
mile day on the road, we head back to the hotel
Up on Sunday to hit bunch at the winery at Biltmore house.  Hotel choices
include a condo community called The Cliffs With a Tiger Woods designed Golf
course, the hotel located on the grounds of the Biltmore estate or The Grove
Park inn.  please Google these places and weigh in, check out the Tail of
the Dragon on YouTube.  318 turns over 11 miles.   It's 4 months away,
unless your car in on a rotisserie right now, or you're headed to Reno,  you
have no real excuse not to attend.  Michael Shortt

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