[DeTomaso] Oil brand with ZDDT?

Dan Courtney dfcex at pacbell.net
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When my brand new cam went flat on #2 intake lobe within 300 miles (wasting all the brand new bearings and such) the engine builder said I must not have used an oil with ZDDT.
BS or not, I'm not taking any chances with this new motor. It has hydraulic lifters and is up to about 3,000 miles now. This is the third oil change.

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  I'm having a real hard time finding any oil with ZDDT.

An excellent option is to use Red Line break-in engine additive.  I visited Red Line Oil back in December (their factory is right down the road from me) and spoke with their engineers.  They suggested a half-bottle of their additive with a typical 8-10 quart oil system.

They stressed that it's only necessary for solid-lifter engines.  It can't *hurt* on something else, but you don't really *need* it except for solid lifters.  I threw a half-bottle in my solid-lifter 427 Cobra motor, just in case.


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