[DeTomaso] Air Con down under

jb841 at cox.net jb841 at cox.net
Fri Feb 4 22:21:28 EST 2011

As I posted earlier, if it is an early car, the blower motor is a completely 
different animal.  The replacement motor that has been referenced in other 
posts will fit the blower wheels, but a saddle block type of mount will have 
to be fabricated to secure the motor to the heater/ac box.  


Another place for significant air loss is the fresh air vent, You know, the
one that diverts most of the blower's air out the cowl grills when it is 
opened because it is located downstream of the blower?  That vent door 
has a foam seal that turns to dust with age, and lets some of the forced
air from the blower escape through the cowl vents.  AND, there is also
a thick foam "seal" between the top of the air box and the underside of
the cowl (this is where the fresh air is supposed to enter the air box) 
that also turns to dust.  This will allow outside air to enter the cabin all 
of the time.


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