[DeTomaso] Air Con Down under

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Fri Feb 4 14:23:36 EST 2011

Has anyone bought one of these AC evaporators:
They look good, but that may not mean much.  They are all aluminum, which may be a better conductor, but is really better?

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Would you believe that the 60's big block (or small block) RHD Mustangs, 
Cougars, etc that went down under ALSO used the large tube thingy to go across 
the entire dash to run those huge 11.5" clutches......

Apparently it used to be a law that any car, classic included, was required to 
be converted to RHD.   I believe recent history has seen that requirement go by 
the wayside....... however now someone was trying to legislate all old cars off 
the roads......ugh!   Did they catch Kaliforniafever there now????

No one ever manufactured inverse image bellhousings......for these cars 



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