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 Been watching the A/C and fan controller threads with interest since my A/C has never worked and I've toyed with doing something about it.

Anyway, I happened to be looking at all things DeTomaso on Utube and ran across this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fz7O1yeZeTQ&feature=mfu_in_order&list=UL.   It is a console switch controller by Jon Haas that controls the windows, courtesy lights and the blower fan motor.   If I understand correctly, he says the speed of the blower motor can be adjusted by turning the doo-hickies on the board.   

Is this another option to get a third fan speed and a higher fan speed or does it just allow you to adjust the speed down from the normal settings?   Assuming this does the job, I'm wondering how difficult it would be to "package" this card and wiring harnesses under the air box.   I haven't been in there for years but I see to remember there was much room.

Anybody got any real world experience with this controller card?





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A couple days ago there was a discussion on speed controllers for fans. 

This is a controller I have used for different things which is quite 

versatile. It is rated at 25A with peak current of 45A. It includes over 

current and thermal protection. Supply power is 6-24v.

This can be controlled with an R/C signal (digital) or a simple pot 

(analog) configurable by dip switch; the pot being an obvious choice for 

the car. The heating ventilation doors in the project I am working on 

will be servo based so I may use the digital feature. There is a 5v 

regulated power from the board for tuning with pot or running a 

microprocessor (for control).

I actually use dual controllers for this:


This will actually pull a child around in small wagon no problem.



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