[DeTomaso] Air Con down under

CoatesR8 at aol.com CoatesR8 at aol.com
Fri Feb 4 03:34:20 EST 2011

Hi Gary
I am maybe a few yards ahead of you on this one ! I have just converted my  
A/C (GT5S) to an up-front condenser and totally uprated the a/c  new hoses, 
 compressor, dryer and a tatal rebuild of the heater box. this was carried 
out by  an A/C specialist in the UK . he showed me the design og the box and 
how poor it  was in certain areas. for starters if you have not already 
done so- upgrage the  fan, I can fart with more power than my pan was putting 
out. Mike  Drew has  a source for them and they are powerful
The stock fans up front are also really poor, although my car has always  
run cool, even with a thermostat, the A/C specialist told me they were u/s to 
 cool the condenser as well as the rad.
Again Mr Drew sourced a perfect set up from Summit which is a suck through  
set up and can be used to cool both rads. hope this is of some assistance
Roger Coates UK

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