[DeTomaso] My Pantera--day 1

John Taphorn jtaphorn at kingwoodcable.com
Wed Feb 2 08:24:35 EST 2011


You've taken good care of her!

Sorry I missed you out at the Ranch last weekend.  Ideally, you'll return 
for the Pig Roast

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> Hi guys,
> I just unearthed a photo that my dad took in front of our house in San
> Francisco, the day I brought my 'new' 1972 Pantera home, in October of 
> 1989:
> http://www.poca.com/index.php/gallery/?g2_itemId=28723
> At the time, I didn't have a driver's license for a car and didn't even
> know how to drive a car!   A friend had to drive it out of the LA basin 
> for me
> (I bought it from Hall Pantera) and then I got to drive up I-5.
> Getting through San Francisco that first day was a bit of an eye-opening
> experience, especially since it didn't have a handbrake!
> Finally fixed the car today (you may recall it blew up on 23 December) and
> took it for a drive...still in love with it!!!!
> Mike
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