[DeTomaso] Auction results

Tomas Gunnarsson guson at home.se
Tue Feb 1 13:13:41 EST 2011

You can buy them now from Summit. It's the Torker II but that's what was in
Larry's pic anyway.


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> Mike, are you referring to the auction car, red in color, with the Ford
> blue engine block and heads?
> If that is a Cleveland - link to the photo here:
> http://tinyurl.com/auction-Torker
> Then where is the oil sender boss at the rear of the block?
> The intake is for a Windsor.
> Edelbrock Torker photos here:
> http://www.poca.com/index.php/gallery/?g2_itemId=28719
> Larry - not an engine geek, but I know when something doesn't jive

>>>Fascinating--I do believe you're right!

I thought the Torker was only available for the 351C, but clearly it was at
one time available for the 351W too--news to me!

The engine in the photo appears to have De Tomaso Cleveland valve covers,
which would imply Cleveland heads, which would imply a Cleveland.   But the
lack of the oil pressure sender is a dead giveaway that it's a Windsor
  Cleveland heads on a Windsor block maybe?

Or were these flat-top valve covers available for the Windsor too, at one
time?   I don't ever rememer seeing these valve covers on a Windsor.   But
so, then the logical conclusion is that this engine is 100% Windsor, as


Thanks Larry! :>)


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