[DeTomaso] Ferrari vs Corvette

sean mundy seanmundy at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 29 19:52:12 EDT 2011

Perfect weather in the Northwest the last couple of weeks.  Been driving my Pantera a lot and not worrying about all the little things I need to do to it.  Just drive it!!  Nice weather around here brings out all the nice rides.  I'm cruising down I-5 and notice a red Ferrari 430 coming up behind me (I'm in the slow lane).  He goes around me and gives me a smile and a big thumbs up.  WOW!   I respond with same.   He takes off very quickly and I get treated to that awesome sounding engine noise.  5min later I get off the freeway and come to a four way stop.  Opposite me in the oncoming lane is a guy in a mid 90's Corvette with the top down.   He goes first and as he goes by in front of me he pulls his glasses down and flips me the bird!! WOW!!!   Not saying this means anything important but I'm just sayin.   Usually its all smiles induced by Pantera exposure so what's this guys major malfunction!!! 		 	   		  

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