[DeTomaso] AC, hoses, fitting, etc.

John Buckman jb841 at cox.net
Sat Aug 27 12:03:00 EDT 2011

A couple of us are putting AC systems together from scratch and I have the following questions:
1)  What size hoses?  I've seen diagrams that use sizes 6, 8, and 10 in different parts of the system, is this typical?

>>>Compressor discharge port to condenser inlet is -8
>>>Condenser outlet to drier and drier to expansion valve at evaporator is -6.
>>>Evaporator outlet to compressor suction port is -10. 
2)  Are all the new hoses good for all the available refrigerants?
3)  Is there much difference between flare and O-ring fittings?  I assume O-ring is better, but is it a big deal?  Are there any problems using flare fittings with the newer (small molecule) refrigerants?
>>>Not really.  If a flare goes bad, it is much more difficult to replace, although there are flare seals available and sometimes sealant can be used. 
>>>If an o-ring leaks, it is a simple replacement.  In either case, the system needs to be evacuated and recharged.
4)  Is the main advantage of the Aeroquip EZ Clip system the ability to reuse of the fittings?
>>>The main advantage of the EZ Clip system is that you can route the hose, cut it in place, and clock the fitting at exactly the right position.  
>>>With a crimp type hose, you need to be exact the first time....there is no second chance.
5)  Has anyone used the Matercool hose fitting crimper tool?
>>>I have not.
6)  Any major issues in routing hoses for the nose mounted condenser?
>>>There shouldn't be.  Most use aluminum tubing under the car.


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