[DeTomaso] ZF help needed

Mike Thomas mbefthomas at comcast.net
Tue Aug 23 20:46:53 EDT 2011

Closest for him would be RBT in the LA area, Lloyd Butfoy. 

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A gentleman named Matt in San Diego needs help with a ZF that is emanating
some strange noises--here is his contact information:
02 - Email Address = matt at nwpantera.com03 - Phone Number (optional) =
425-344-0203 He would appreciate any help we can give him.  He doesn't mind
shipping it, and I know there is an expert here in the Northwest, Byron
Sanborn, I believe is his name, but I don't have his contact info.  If you
can help, please contact him directly.
ChrisPNW President 		 	   		  

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